Do furries actually want to BE an animal?

Well, we already are! Homo sapiens are animals. But otherwise, generally no.

Being a furry isn't about rejecting one's humanity. That's called being a misanthrope. (Or a therian, which is a different thing with some-- but not much-- overlap with the furry community. Most furries aren't therians, but a lot of therians are also furries.)

Furries know that we're humans. It's not about that (for most of us, anyway; there's a lot of furries in the world and with enough people the probability of there being at least that one guy skyrockets).

Being a furry is about:

  • Appreciation of really amazing art and the people who create it
  • Self-expression
  • Being part of a welcoming and diverse community
  • Being friendly towards LGBTQIA+ people

I've long said that being a furry is a celebration of humanity. Some people disagree with my feelings on this subject, because their personal feelings differ, but that's okay. Diversity.



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