But what about [insert name here]?

A small percentage of people are seriously depraved.

There are a lot of furries. More specifically, I'd estimate there are millions of furries in the world. At the very least, there are hundreds of thousands of us.

When you combine these two facts together, it's unavoidable that some horrible people have landed in our community. When their atrocities come to light, they don't last long before the community ousts them.

Sexual abusers don't belong in the furry fandom.

  • Rape? Fuck no.
  • Domestic violence? Hell no.
  • Child molestation? GTFO.
  • Bestiality? Go directly to jail. Do not pass Go. Do not collect $200.

I can promise that, whatever disdain you hold in your heart for any individual's abusive behavior, we're right there with you. The furry fandom isn't about that, at all.



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