Being weird is bad, though

Since when?

Ask yourself, when was the last time you looked up to another human being?

It could have been a celebrity, a teacher, an artist, an athlete, or a really cool family member. It could've been someone whose fashion choice you admire, or even their taste in music. It could even have been someone fictional, like a superhero and/or anime protagonist.

Guess what?

Those people are weird!

If they weren't weird, they would hold no significance to you. They'd just fade into the background like most of the people that didn't come to mind when you were asked.

Everything you admire about them, everything that makes them stand out in your mind? Those are the things that make them weird.

Being Weird is Good, Actually

The world thrives on diversity.

Just because someone is "weird" doesn't necessarily mean they're bad.

It can make them a poor fit for a given situation or group of people. But that's not to say that the person in question, nor the people they don't fit in with, are inherently bad. It just means they don't mix well. And that's okay!



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